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January 10, 2007

FaithMouse Cartoons

Topics: Important Trivia

dan_lancey.jpgLast year we were humored by the art work of Dan Lacey, the creator of Neverborn and insightful pro-life cartoons. In fact, Dan created original artwork (click here) for bloggers who helped sponsor his trip. He's pictured to the left holding one that was drawn for ProlifeBlogs.

This year, Dan has another offer:

I can produce one Neverborn cartoon template, into which I can drop the name and small image of every blog participating in the conference, which bloggers are then welcome to post on their site to promote the conference.

... the cartoons feature both the blog address and a small image of the blog itself, which can be seen in Neverborn's computer monitor. Under each cartoon are links to four files - 1.a blog sized image, good for posting on your own blog 2.a larger web image, nice for posting to snarky forums 3. a file which should give you a decent looking print on a standard sheet of paper from a home printer, and 4. a 't-Shirt' sized image in correct CafePress resolution and file format (2000 pixels wide by 200 dpi resolution png file), the lattermost being a very good deal for the price of nothing. If you've ever wanted a promotional image of your own blog to swig around on the back of your proud blogging frame, but didn't feel like spending a few hundred for the art, there you go. Bloggers are welcome to use these files to promote their own blogs and Blogs4Life; however, Neverborn himself is only on loan. Please, no subletting.

These images are complimentary to all bloggers who would like to use them to promote their own work and the Blogs4Life conference. If you're made of money and can afford to throw a few dollars my way in return for my visit to your site and the resulting files, the money would go directly into keeping faithmouse online. Thank you kindly.

Thanks Dan! We didn't even have to ask. For more information visit Faithmouse.


Posted by plb at January 10, 2007 12:10 PM

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Many thanks!

Posted by: Gillibrand [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 22, 2007 6:19 PM

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