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January 12, 2007

Blogs4Life Conference Opportunties

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Blogs4Life is just around the corner and things are happening fast. In the few days we will be publishing additional information about our schedule - we have more to add - speakers, workshops, etc.

However, before the conference begins here are four great ways to get involved (even if you are unable to attend in person).

  1. Online Symposium � leading up to a capstone session at the conference, the FRC's Joe Carter has organized an online symposium and is soliciting entries. Your post on any of three topics will be promoted and enable you to interact constructively with other bloggers and a wide audience.

    Click Here

  2. Live Blogging (even from home): a wireless internet connection will be available for those who want to blog the conference as it happen. However, the conference will also be broadcast live by the FRC over the internet , enabling those who do not attend to view it, submit questions and live blog.

    We hope that you will seriously consider participating in this manner � it is an excellent way to demonstrate the benefit of blogging as a rapid communication medium. Sign-up here: http://www.blogs4life.com/liveblog.php

  3. Faithmouse Cartoon � Dan Lacey is at it again, this year offering a free customized cartoon for those who want to promote the BlogsforLife conference.

    Check FaithMouse for more information.

  4. Have you noticed our right column? We greatly appreciate the publicity and are aggregating posts from blogs that write about Blogs4Life. Thanks!

Posted by plb at January 12, 2007 4:49 AM

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