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January 8, 2006

Bloggers and Justice Sunday III

Topics: Blogging for Life

Tonight "Justice Sunday III: Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land" aired from the Greater Exodus Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA with the goal of educating people of faith as to why judicial decisions profoundly affect our lives.

The Family Research Council, the Jan. 23rd host of Blogs4Life, did an exceptional job coordinating the event and Tony Perkinsí meaningful call to national prayer was provocative.

An important aspect of the Justice Sunday broadcast for potential and confirmed Blogs4Life attendees is that Bloggers were present, providing live commentary about the events.

Ed Morrisey (Captainís Quarters), Stacy Harp (Mind and Media), La Shawn Barber (La Shawn Barberís Corner), RightWingSparkle and Charmaine Yoest (at the new FRC Blog) provided insight, interaction, commentary and even photos that added value to the evening, reached a potentially unique audience, and generated excitement for those who could not attend.

Bloggers do make a difference and the use of the blogosphere has great potential to uniquely communicate and motivate action for the lives of the unborn.

Posted by plb at January 8, 2006 11:25 PM

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